Level 2 - Fundamentals of Black Magic

Duration: 2 Hours Per Week

Start Date: 31-Oct-2022
End Date: 15-Apr-2023

Lectures: 15

Video: 2 Hours Per week

Level: 2 Hours Per week

Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “When someone came to the angels to learn magic, the angels would discourage the person and say to him, ‘We are only a test, so do not fall into disbelief.’ (Al-Baqarah 2: 102-103).

This “Fundamentals of Black Magic” course will Insha Allah teach you how to use the Holy Quran to seek Allah’s shield and protection against black magic or sorcery. You will learn how to remove black magic through the power of TAQ healing, unlocking the secrets of Taq Healing, and cure yourself through TAQ healing.

The tutor of this course, Dr. Abdul Wajid Shazli, started his Roohaniyat (Spirituality) journey at the age of 17 years old with the help of his respected father and was granted permission to start the journey and inherit Roohaniyat, Hikmat and Amliyat. As part of the process, Dr. Abdul Wajid started working on his Nafs. He performed special mediations to control all (as no meat, no milk, butter, eggs) behaviors for 7 years and fasted continuously for 2 years without failing except on the days of Eid.

Dr. Abdul Wajid will personally teach this course and ensure all students understand it before they proceed to the next level. Every practical part of the course would be performed by Dr. Abdul live and the students would be able to follow while one on one sessions will be organized to assist students who do not understand this course.


Main Features

  • Meaning Black magic
  • Origin of black magic
  • Types of black magic.
  • How is black magic is formed?
  • What do the Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAW say about black magic?
  • What is the difference between black magic and spirituality?
  • Should black magic be cured?
  • Is it curable?
  • How does Black magic affect you?
  • What are the symptoms of Black Magic?
  • How to remove Black Magic from yourself?

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